’08 Update

’08 Update for December 11, 2006

  • Barack Obama made his first visit to first-in-the-nation New Hampshire this weekend, speaking to two packed crowds, at a book signing in Portsmouth, and a NH Democratic Party fundraiser in Manchester. (I was able to attend the book signing — and let me tell you, if he runs, Barack is my candidate.)
  • Evan Bayh campaigned in New Hampshire this weekend — Saturday night at a fundraiser in Manchester, and Sunday in Keene. 12/16: Bayh told the Indy Star this morning he will NOT run in 2008.
  • Hillary Clinton said today that she is exploring a run — rumors are circling that she’ll make a surprise visit to NH on New Years or Christmas Eve.
  • NM Gov. Bill Richardson apparently will form an Exploratory Committee next month.
  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich will announce tomorrow his decision to seek the 2008 Democratic Nomination.

10 Responses to ’08 Update

  1. Kevin says:

    What’s the deal w/ Presidential Observer?

  2. Neal says:

    I don’t mean to crule but if that democrate senetor dies or abdicates we (republicans) stand to take over the senete, 51-50, (includeing VP).

  3. Kevin says:

    I don’t know why you would say that Neil. Personally, I think that both Democrats and Republicans have their hearts in the right place, even if both have some misguided views.

  4. Neal says:

    because the republicans have the right way to move this country to a safer and more profitable position.

  5. Kevin says:

    It’s still kinda bad karma to wish death on someone who’s only crime is disagreeing with your views. He’s still a good guy (well, as good as a politician can be anyways) that doesn’t deserve to die. See, THIS is the kind of thinking that breeds violent extremism – that your belief is so much better, that you want anyone who disagrees with you to die. The man is a 59-year-old heart patient for god’s sake. Put aside your petty partisan bickering and show some humanity. I for one wish him a speedy recovery, just as I would wish the same to a Republic senator of the same health.

    Even if he dies Neil, you do realize that Congress accomplishes absolutely nothing. I mean, they don’t even read the bills before they pass them…

  6. Ben says:

    Senator Johnson is DOING WELL, and shame on you for writing him off so quickly.

    ALL of us here at BSO wish Senator Johnson a speedy recovery.

  7. Kevin says:

    Agreed Ben. Let hte PEOPLES (not Neil’s) will, whatever it may be, be executed in Congress.

  8. Neal says:

    the peoples will was for an exit out of Iraq not for the liberal “army” to take congress, they associated Republicans with staying the course and democrates with cut and run, the people were not electing on views and were only baseing thoer judgement on a single issue.

    That said I did not wish death upon him I just stated that if he was to have to abdecate his office republicans would have controll once more.

    I also think that you shouldn’t endorse Obama for president because he has had only 2 years expireience in the senate and has no clear record of what he would do if elected, If I had chose one of the democrats to become president just on the amount of information I have, I would pick Clinton because she has a proven track record.

    CONDI ’08

  9. Kevin says:

    Whether or not you think it is right, the peoples will is still decided by their votes. Besides, how do you know the reasons that Americans voted.

    Though I do commend you on boting based in information and track record, not image. If only more Americans took your approach…

  10. Ben says:

    For those of you who criticize Obama on experience?

    In the 1800’s, there was a little Congressman from Illinois, who lost a Senate Race, and went on to be President. His name was Abe Lincoln.

    You may be right that someone like McCain has more experience, and you can criticize him for that. But if Obama has the right message, what’s wrong with that?

    I’m serious here. I don’t think Rudy Giuliani is anywhere near cut out to be President. He was a lousy mayor, slept around, and is more liberal than many Democrats I support. Obama, in my opinion, has more experience than Rudy. Because Rudy shines one day doesn’t make him cut out to be President.

    Look, I don’t know who I’ll support. I like Obama and Edwards — and I’ve heard that Mark Warner (VA) may jump back into the race. I met Warner at a fundraiser in August, and really like what he had to say. I’ve Obama and Edwards as well, and find that I agree with them on most issues. Obama may not have experience, but I don’t think that’s key; I think that if Obama speaks for the American people, that’s all that matters. The notion of having an average guy rather than a true Insider like Gingrich is appealing to me…

    Republican or Democrat, the President speaks for the people. If Obama’s message resonates with Americans, experience doesn’t matter. But Obama HAS experience — sure, only two years at the National Level, but he has much experience on the state level.

    Twist it how you want, but leave the partisan rhetoric out.

    I want to agree with Neal on one thing, in that this election was not a mandate for the Democrats, but a mandate for change. But Neal, to associate Democrats with “cut and run” is simply unfair. Put your rhetoric aside. The Democratic Party has never spoken with one voice in either way. They can agree, as can most Americans, that our strategy in Iraq isn’t working, and we need to fix it.

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