Hey Bush haters! Pound sand!!!

U.S. Army Private's American Flag PatchHear ye, hear ye! Attention all Bush haters!!!

I’m sick of it. You say you don’t support the war on terror, you say you don’t support our invasion of Iraq, you say you that everything that George W. Bush stands for is crazy and stupid. But how can you say this, when we just had a MAJOR victory in Iraq. Iraq’s crazy dictator, Saddam Hussein, was executed the other day. Why, because we found him, we helped convict him, and we most of all, we helped develop the democratic system that convicted him. How can you go wrong here? We, the United States of America, are responsible for awesome reform in a country that, 4 years ago, was in ruins, being tormented by a dictator, and whose people were not free. That is why the United States is so great: honestly, because we do things that others don’t have the balls to do. The U.N. certainly doesn’t have the balls to fix what is going on in the world.

I can’t wait to see what our new South Korean U.N. Secretary General has to say about Iran and North Korea and their nuclear programs. I bet that they’ll either put sanctions on the countries or just ask them politely to stop doing what they’re doing.

Now, I’m sure you’re going to say that just today, we’ve lost our three thousandth soldier in Iraq. Yes, we did. But how can we reform a country without losing brave Americans. I don’t want to see this, nobody does, but that is reality. If we’re expected (which we are, not many countries will admit it but it is what they want) to protect the world and go after the bad guys, we are going to continue to lose soldiers.

I don’t want to see us invade Iran, but if that is what we NEED in order to make the world safe and free, I’m willing to support our country, my President, and most importantly, our troops. Please, suck it up, and move on. God Bless America!


2 Responses to Hey Bush haters! Pound sand!!!

  1. Jay says:

    To quote the “great Al Sharpton” can I get an AMEN?! God Bless our troops, our country, and our president. American politics has been a place where we’ve been devoid of strong leadership. However, George Bush has stayed steadfast in what he believes him. He’s been one of the ONLY politicians, along with Senators Santorum and Lieberman, to stick with what he believes in regardless of the polls. I’m not saying his Iraq strategy is perfect. I am saying that Iraq IS better off now than it was 4 years ago. Who finally decided to remove Saddam from power? I’ll give you a hint, it WASN’T Bill Clinton or John Kerry….

    Again, a Heart felt Thankyou to our soldiers and their families. God Bless…..

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m all for the U.S. assisting in the liberation of dictorial quagmires like Iraq, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it. By stepping in and taking the fight for freedom out of the hands of the Iraqi’s, we have taken away their right to self-determination. If America was serious about helping oppressed people, they would rely on the PEOPLE to fight, providing weapons and money and advice and other non-troop support. This fight was the Iraqi’s, not ours, and by taking it other, we deprived the Iraqi people of their fundemental right to self-determination.

    Not to say I’m unhappy as to how events have happened. Saddam had this coming.

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