In June 2005, Ben Goodman moved his BenjaminGoodman.com Blog to a new host, Blogger, and added three new contributors: Jay and Chris, from the right, and Vicky, from the left-center. With multiple contributors, Ben renamed his blog the Blue State Review at BenjaminGoodman.com.

Over the course of the summer, the BSR would grow, updated daily with posts from the four contributors, as well as a new contributor, Rachel, in Texas. BSR readership surged as Rachel blogged from antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan’s Camp Casey, scoring a video interview with Sheehan herself.’

In December 2005, Ben and Chris decided that the BSR needed its own domain; as BlueStateReview.com was taken, it was determined that Blue State Observer would be an excellent name for the redesigned blog.

Readership would soon be at an all time high, as Rachel would mention the blog during a call in to Air America Radio’s The Mike Malloy Show.

The Summer of 2006 brought new contributors from across the United States, all high school students, from Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin. BSO’s list of contributors is still growing.

Misleading Name. Great Analysis.

At launch in June 2005, the Blue State Review no doubt had a bit of a liberal slant to it; but As opinions changed, and membership grew, the blog became a true representative of American opinion from across the political spectrum.


All blog entries posted online at the Blue State Observer only represent the views of the author of the specific post, and unless otherwise noted, do not represent the views of the Blue State Observer writing staff.


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