Why I Wore Green

October 25, 2007

Islamic crescent moon and star Yesterday, I wore a green shirt. Wearing green, the color of Islam, seemed a fitting way for me, a Christian, to make a small statement against the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week currently being sponsored by The Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP). Ultra-conservative activist and TAP leader David Horowitz is calling on college students nationwide to speak out against Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. He claims to be a defender of the West and democratic values, and a strong voice against extremism. One look at the TAP website, www.terrorismawareness.org, however, reveals who the real extremists are:

      “Just read what Muslims say about Jews. Not that they’re much kinder to Christians Do you know about the centuries-old Muslim attacks on Christian communities in the Middle East?” (Letter to a Friend: On Islamic Fundamentalism”)

“Daughter, sister, and wife-beating, which is the Koranically-sanctioned abuse of women: Koran 4:34 says of disobedient women, ‘Beat them’… Female sexual and domestic slavery, which is the Koranically-sanctioned objectification of women as sexual and domestic objects, based on the Koran’s contention that women are possessions of men… (cf. Koran 2:223)” (Statement Calling on Feminists to End Their Silence on the Oppression of Women)

“ “Jihad is not, as some Western apologists claim, simply a striving for individual perfection. Rather, jihad is an expansionist totalitarian ideology that seeks to establish a global Islamic state ruled by Islamic law, or sharia.” (What You Should Know About Jihad)

.. …crimes against women, such as wife-beating, are ordained by the Qur’an itself; others, such as female genital mutilation and honor killing, are praised by Islamic clerics and hallowed by Islamic culture.” (The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam)

“Why isn’t the left appalled by the jihad – the holy war that has been declared against the West, and by the sanctifying of murderers as holy “martyrs” when Muslim terrorists kill innocent Americans, Christians and Jews? Perhaps it is because the left is engaged in its own jihad or holy war – and against the same targets: the Great Satan, America, and the little one in the Middle East.” (Vocabulary of War)

“Technically, no form of Islam preaches racial superiority or proposes a master race. But in practice, Islamic fanatics operate a fascistic concept of the “pure” and the “exclusive” over the unclean and the kufar or profane.” (Defending Islamofascism)

“ “Why is Jimmy Carter attacking the victims in the Middle East and making the tasks of the aggressors easier?” (Jimmy Carter’s War Against the Jews”)

According to the TAP, Muslims hate Christians, glorify sexual abuse, and believe in the racial supremacy of the Arab people. Meanwhile, the American left, with Jimmy Carter at the helm, is actively working to destroy America and kill the Jews, alongside their Arab allies.

I would wear the green shirt of Islam before the brown shirt of Horowitz’s fascism any day.