Editor Profiles
Short bios of our editors coming soon!

Ben Goodman
Founder and Editor

Matt Cavedon

Editor, Joined 2006: I am a disability advocate and a wheelchair-user from central Connecticut who is part of the incoming Harvard University Class of 2011. Government is my intended major. My charity work has nothing to do with my politics or this blog. You can learn more about that aspect of my life elsewhere on the internet. I am registered as an unaffiliated voter.

I consider my politics to be wild-card, at best. Among other causes, I support gun rights, the pro-life movement, the environment, public education, continuing our presence in Iraq, Palestinian independence, universal health care, and same-sex marriage equality. Among other causes, I oppose affirmative action, the death penalty, and the criminalization of marijuana. Oh yes, I also support economic socialism based on a worker-ownership model. Read two of my defining pieces, “Our Common Struggle: The Religious and the Radicals” and “A Vision of American Socialism,” and at: https://bluestate.wordpress.com/?s=socialism. If you like those pieces, try “Class Action: How to Bridge the Gap in America” at https://bluestate.wordpress.com/?s=equality.

Jay Gobeil
Editor and Founding Contributor


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