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            My name is Andrew Legnani. I am a student at Central Connecticut State University – go Blue Devils! I am a freshman contributor to Blue State Observer. I have fairly leftist views on the world, and as one may say, I am a person who is constantly concerned with the way the country is being run. I tend to view things in an odd way, and you can expect some type of heated discussion to begin when I voice my opinions. Unfortunately, due to my views, my television has seen better days. I tend to disagree fairly heavily even with some of my fellow Democrats on certain issues. Some may say that I am a Chicken Little, but I swear to God the sky is falling! In all seriousness, as a first-generation American, I am extremely patriotic, not to mention I can become very ill during a debate because I care for my country so much. What I hope is that you read and discuss the topics I bring up and not just let them sit there and ferment, which is the reason why I write for BSO. I can only pray that you are reading BSO for the same reasons that I write for it. That, and life is boring when you are force-fed information by someone without even thinking about it yourself or questioning it. Like I say, I question it. You read it, think about it, and talk to someone about it. Only then does democracy do its job.               

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